Website Submission Guidelines (Help us keep this directory optimal)


Do not Submit your website if-
  • Your site is under construction, Your site is formed of only links.
  • We are currently not accepting any adult rated links, please do not submit your link request if your site has any adult contents.
  • Your site is just another news gathering or made of AdSense website.
  • Your site contains marketing language, methods, experience, or pricing structures which may mislead the visitor.
  • Your site is a mirror website.
  • Your site is a redirection to anotheraddress(301, 302...etc).
  • Your site contains illegal material.
  • Your site consists of only affiliate links.


Choosing the right category-

  • Websites suggested in abnormally to the wrong categories will be deleted.
  • Websites suggested in multiple categories will be deleted from all categories.
  • Websites suggested in different categories, but containing the same content, will be deleted.
  • Only Featured Listings include submissions that are to be published within the top level category.


Choosing the right title and description-

  • Titles in languages other than English, won't be accepted, unless the title represents a brand or trademark.
  • Descriptions in languages other than English, won't be accepted. Even in the World and Regional category, the description must be in English.
  • Please supply a short and descriptive title. We do not endorse a spam title. After all the title should reflect the product/company not just a set of keywords (always opt for the official name of the site). Please use a maximum of 4 words in the title.
  • Do not use ALL CAPITAL letters.
  • Exclude promotional language in the title or description. If we find prices, telephones, addresses, postal numbers, e-mails, URLs or words like "the best", "the coolest", "the largest" as well as any other promotional terms, your website will be deleted.
  • Do not use extra exclamation marks (if an exclamation mark, or other characters are part of the brand, you can include it, e.g. Yahoo!) or other types of letters or numbers in the title or the description.
  • Keep the description of your site brief -no longer than 80 words. A well-written, objective description will make your website's listing easier and faster. Do not stuff keywords in the title or the description.
  • Do not use any HTML or any other programming/scripting language tags.
  • Write in complete sentences and/or descriptive phrases using proper grammar, punctuation and correct spelling. If any website is submitted" in a hurry" and contains misspelled or wrong words, it will be deleted. The most common mistake is people using lowercase letters for the first word of the title or description.
  • Do not use ALLCAPS in your description.
  • Don't repeat the title of your website in the description.

If you follow these guide lines you will increase your chances of being accepted to our web directory.

Note:- Websites that are submitted with in inappropriate categories will be deleted. Our team of human editors reserve the right to editor remove any information that is submitted within our directory.

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